Enamel Evil Eye Adjustable Red String Bracelet Hamsa

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Designed and handcrafted by Mediterranean Artisans


Size: Adjustable

Meaning of evil eye: evil eye is seen as a kind of protection and blessing, it is said that it can bring good luck, wealth and health, which are full of meaning and delicate, you can wear it everyday or for different occasions.

The Evil Eye is over 5000 years old. There are more than 42 names for the evil eye. It's called with different names in each cultures such as mal de ojo, ojo turco, greek evil eye, turkish evil eye, blue eye, good eye, bad eye, nazar, amulet, gods eyes, ojo de venado turco, keep evil away. The powerful protector symbol. It’s believed that the eye protects it’s owner from harm and brings good luck. The most popular method of escaping the evil eye’s effects is evil eye talismans, amulets, symbols, and jewelry. The basic design of the evil eye is the concentric blue and white circles symbolize the evil eye. Blue: Color of the sky – symbolizes truth and therefore it provides direct protection against the evil eye. The 'evil eye' 'mati' 'ojo Turco' 'Nazar Boncugu' the tradition of the charm persists, for new babies, new businesses, housewarmings, and even new cars – any occasion when a 'good luck' wish is called for and help protect the curse from happening or bad luck. The evil eye is creating a double protection effect with our Red String Protection bracelets. One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is the gift of belief.