Hi there, I am Lana. I am a writer, poet, and spiritual guide who managed to create a CHOICEFUL, PURPOSEFUL life for herself.

In DEEP LOVE with Spirituality, Mysticism, and Personal Development, I am actively using the insights and wisdom that I have learned through intensive research and direct personal experience. I like to inspire and motivate my friends around me to build Authenticity, Positive, and Satisfying RELATIONSHIPS, LIVE on PURPOSE, and fall in LOVE with their Limitless Self.

I am an American girl with a rare and diverse blend of the west and the east: a builder of modern existence and awareness.

I am a good listener who wants to be part of your journey.

I spend much of the time helping happier attitudes to locate my most ambitious themes so I can start enjoying the life I deserve to live, one associated with the best things in my heart and the deepest wishes I recognize. As an absolute "make it happen, girl," my mission is to help you find your true potential, find your happiness, and to live a beautiful life.

In my spare time, I enjoy interacting with friends, watching movies, traveling, reading blogs, enjoying walks in nature, + checking out the new farm-to-table restaurants and a host of other things.