5 Things We Love About Summer!

There’s a lot to love about summer. Whether you are catching a tan, road tripping with friends or chowing down on fish and chips at the beach, summer is the best time to enjoy all that activities summer has to offer.

Summer is also the right time to change your wardrobe and become a new you.

Excited for summer? So am I. Here are five of my favorite things about summer.

T-Shirt Madness

Aren't we tired of school uniforms, top-of-the-line winter clothes, or pajamas that we do not take off at home all day? My favorite thing about summer is to be both effortless and cheap. The most practical way to do this is to create a new style every day with colorful, patterned t-shirts. Whether it is a white t-shirt over jeans or a silly gipsy t-shirt over shorts and slippers. With just a few different pieces, we can evaluate all the creations in the wardrobe and create a new me for ourselves. Besides, he has news for you. You don't have to search and find these t-shirts. I created Create in Lanavande just out of this need. I say take a look😊

Going to the beach

Whether we live by the sea or not, when we say summer, the first thing that comes to our minds is a vacation and then swimming. Build a sandcastle as a kid, sunbathe in middle school, and put on our beach clothes and sip cocktails while looking at the sea when you're at university As we get older, the seaside ceases to be just sea, sand and sun, it turns into a place where we can socialize. We will show ourselves, meet new people and spend time with our loved ones. Don't forget to look at the 'By the Beach' collection before preparing your summer creations.

Concerts in the Park

This is also the season where you can enjoy music as it was meant to be enjoyed: with sun on your face. Whether it's in a park or a stadium, an outdoor concert offers a feel-good, relaxing vibe that no indoor space can replicate. Plus: a coke never tastes as satisfying as it does when you've worked up a little sweat first.

Road Trips

It doesn't have to be a very long road. When the weather is hot, when there is no school, when people are happy and having fun outside, road trip can be the best summer vacation break you can give yourself. Prepare a small bag. Determine your route. You can choose to go alone, but believe me, it will be more enjoyable with friends. Since the season will be summer and the weather will be hot, it will not be too heavy. All you need to take with you is your summer dress, a few t-shirts, pairs of shorts, sandals and underwear. You are basically good to go.  Don't forget your beach bag, you only need a beach towel and a swimsuit. Enjoy!

Barbecues and Ice Cream

Not together, obviously – that would rather ruin them. But separately, they’re both examples of fantastic seasonal foods that we’re just not able to appreciate in quite the same way for the rest of the year. And that’s not even counting the delicious fresh summery fruits, like strawberries, or some delightful summer cocktails from any of the local bars.