All Day Long

Your life is exclusively yours.

Therefore, you are entirely liable for choosing which things to perform and what time to do them.

A loose framework will give you a general understanding of what the manifestation would look like.

Pay attention to your own personal manifestation habits.

In other words,

Make choices and plan the activities as you see fit.


Until you start, let's first cover the basics.


Most of us will do the mid-day section of this manifestation ritual by merely ticking off a chart.

There is no need to pressure yourself for a mid-day routine. Ensure that you will have time to relax and process details.

A manifestation routine is more about blending in with your life.

Here is what I do…

Envision Your Dreams

My notebook holds everything from my everyday job list to ideas I want to manifest.

I first begin by naming 5 aspects of my life that I am thankful for. Grateful to have relatives, being well, successful school life, overall peace, and stuff that is really going well in my life.

Then I open my journal's "Vision" section. This is my favorite page since I use the page to set up my day for success. It makes me manifest my visions. By setting a specific norm, you have set yourself to a standard.

"I can turn my dreams into reality no matter what!"

Many of the activities in the mid-day portion of this schedule could also be completed in the morning or evening.

Find something to remind you of your affirmation. For example, write notes to remind you of your affirmation, carry a bookmark between your notebook, or put a sticker on your computer.